Our Philosophy


At the very heart of our philosophy is the need to uplift the consumers' awareness concerning the perspective of fine Greek products, which especially nowadays have the potential to be promoted as high quality commodities.

To meet this need, we set strict criteria by which to select the best suppliers and partners and we are committed to continuous and open communication with consumers, in order to make sure they fully exercise their right to be informed.

We combine quality and innovation, two values needed to gain the complete trust of even the most demanding customer and we are proud of the difference we make by creating proper and original goods through new imaginative ideas.


Our Principles  

Launching our products means that several marketing concerns need to be addressed, but what always comes first is quality.

We seek to provide healthy and nutritious products of guaranteed quality and according to specific standards set by EU regulations on production, storage and marketing of foods.
Our certified suppliers point out the high nutritional value of our products, while the overall management and the continuous control set the foundation to build a strong AND trustful relationship with our customers.
At the same time, we invest in innovation. 


We pack our products for kids in small paper boxes fitting in their palm and we promise them a unique surprise of constructing easily and safely (no scissors or glue needed) a 3D toy paper by just turning the product's package inside out.

In this way, kids not only get familiar with the consumption of really healthy snacks, such as dried fruits, but they also sharpen their creativity and enjoy a product designed exclusively for them, which combines quality and modernity at the lowest possible cost.